Boston Bambino Club (BBC)
The Boston Bambino Club is a group open to children of all ages with at least one Italian-speaking parent, who wish to meet in the Boston area and to engage in activities, events and classes in the Italian language. The aim of the group is to allow children with an Italian background to feel part of a wider community, sharing culture, traditions, style of life and values. For this purpose, we are continuing to build a network of Italian families who can work together to build a little Italy for our children in Boston.

We need parents who are willing to volunteer in order to organize a variety of Italian events (e.g. Italian reading groups LeggiAMO Insieme, traditional Italian celebrations, Azzurrini soccer classes) and fun indoor and outdoor activities, in order to promote the Italian culture and language from infancy.

Our families have a persistent problem: our children abandon the Italian language as soon as they start English-language school. In order to overcome this issue, in 2013 we started an innovative Italian immersion program for bilingual children with at least one Italian speaking person at home. The children who attended and continue to attend this program are bilingual. For more info on this, please email

Se stai leggendo questa pagina dall'Italia, stai programmando di venire a Boston con bambini o cerchi cose da fare a Boston con bambini, scrivimi con un po' di anticipo. Saro' lieta di coinvolgere i tuoi bambini in attivita' ed eventi del Boston Bambino Club.